Recent works by Karla Enriquez.

Karla Enriquez (Mexico City, Mexico, 1976) is a versatile artist. Her work is multidisciplinary, and includes video, sculpture, photo, drawing and writing.

Enriquez has a background in both writing and the visual arts, which explains her unique ability and perspective to tell compelling stories with her installations and photographs.

Enriquez got her professional training in Mexico, Germany, and France. She began her formal study in poetry and screenwriting.

She was trained in professional writing at SOGEM, the General Society for Mexican Writers, screenwriting at the Center of Cinematographic Training (CCC), and the National Fine Arts Academy (Mexico City). She was trained in visual installations at the Fine Art Academy of Munich and the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts (ENBA) in Lyon, France.

Exhibitions have included Center of Cinematographic Training, Katrine Lúnd Studio in Bergen, Norway, the Goethe Institute in Mexico City, and exhibitions in Berlin, Munich, USA, and the Modern Art Museum in Mexico City.

Enriquez received an Honorific Mention “Prize Philipps Art Expression” at the Modern Art Museum in Mexico City

Both private and corporate collectors have added Enriquez works to their collections.

The evolution of my work by Karla Enríquez

I think that art and life are inseparable. I create my work by utilizing diverse
mediums and strategies. I have written poetry and fiction since my adolescence
and since that time I also developed a deep interest in drawing, painting,
photography and new mediums.

My artistic output is distinguished by working in a discontinuous, non-lineal way and consists of constructing different mediums within each individual piece.

I have produced my pieces by being inspired by my environment, more
specifically I have beèn influenced by the disorder and discontinuity in life,
including the mechanisms that provide information in a private, social, cultural
and political context.

I am affected by sound, the urban environment, the forecast of the future, my interest in autonomous systems, randomness, the poetic models that coexist with human behavior, etc.

This is also reflected in my activity as an art student which results in work that at some points is chaotic.

However, my personal chaos constantly feeds my artistic sense and from this chaotic state, I understand art as a dynamic system that manifests itself in an artificial and natural way within time and space.

Some of my influences come from pop art or conceptual artists like Joseph Kosuth, or appropriators like Marcel Duchamp, Jean Dubuffet (art Brut) or recently Tom Friedman, Erwin Wurm, Andreas Gursky, Esther Harris, amongst others.

She also has a poetry book in spanish “Tiempo embotellado