Karla Enriquez (Mexico City, Mexico, 1976).

She graduated from ENPEG with a degree in Visual Arts with a focus in multimedia and sculpture. She also studied at the Munich and Lyon Academies of Art.

Besides Karla Enriquez has a background in both writing, screenwriting, poetry and the visual arts, which explains her unique ability and perspective to tell compelling stories with her installations and photographs.

Karla’s exhibitions have taken place in Mexico City, Berlin, Bergen, Munich, NY, Atlanta among others.

In addition, she received an Honorific Mention “Prize Philipps Art Expression” at the Modern Art Museum in Mexico City.

Both private and corporate collectors have added Enriquez’s works to their collections.



2001-08 Fine Arts Academy, ENPEG. Mexiko. Sculpture & multimedia/ License  Cédula profesional  #12207198
2006-07 Fine Arts Academy, Lyon, France. Contemporary art.
2000 & 03 Fine Arts Academy, Munich, Germany.




Solo Exhibitions

2016 CCGuinardo, Barcelona, Spain
2013 Freedonia, El Raval, Barcelona
2013 Acadèmia de Belles Arts de Sabadell, Spain
2001 Film school CCC, Mexico city
2009 Estudio de Katrine Lund. Bergen, Norway

Group Exhibitions

2023 Boxes, Gallery Impaktes, Sabadell, Spain.

2013 Colors Art Show, galería Relacionarte, Barcelona
2013 Bienvenido a mi mundo ilustrado, galería Relacionarte, BCN

2011 CannesAlso / BigBook, Cannes, France
2011 Walking Gallery /Barcelona
2007 Affordable Art Fair, New York
2007 Mercer Gallery ( NYC
2007 Finger and Codes (Contemporary Portrait).
Eyedrum Art Gallery, April 28-June 9 Atlanta, USA
2006 “Bien Prendido” Project Rim. Rimhaus. Mexico
2003 “La Vitesse du Voyage”, Class of Joseph Kosuth, May 3 – June 1. Stiftung Starke Löwenpalais. Berlin. Germany.
2002 Honorific Mention Prize “Philipps Art Expresión”. Mexico. Monumental Sculpture. Garden C.N.A. Mexico.


2019 Intro Unity, videogames 2d basic programming 16 hrs, Barcelona

2015 Nanoloop atelier, chip music, Barcelona
2011 Digital- tutors, online training.
2010-11 Gametopia, Spain. Scripts for videogames
2008-11 E-tribart Institut. Generalist 3d & Matte painting
2000–01 Film School (CCC), Mexico. Screenwriter. Mexico.
1994–98 Writer School (SOGEM) Writer all genres. Mexico.
1994-96 Seminary of Mexican and Universal Contemporary Art. Mexico.


2011 BeMyApp Super Designer. Prix du Jury. App iPhone Voice Trip
2011 Mexico International Film Festival Student Film “El hecho imposible” Golden Palm Award
2011 Cannes Lions. Event CannesAlso (The Big Book photo exhibition), France
2002 Special Mention & acquisition (Drawing) Prize Philipps Art Expression, Mexico